Commit 2d7f4046 authored by Côme Chilliet's avatar Côme Chilliet

🚑 fix(supann) Avoid PHP crash when LDAP contains invalid data

If supannEtuCursusAnnee contains invalid data, do not crash.

issue #6015
parent c2bd5866
......@@ -55,6 +55,6 @@ class SupannCursusAnneeAttribute extends SupannPrefixedSelectAttribute
protected function supannUpdateSelect ()
$prefix = $this->attributes[0]->getValue();
$this->attributes[1]->setChoices($this->prefixedChoices[$prefix][0], $this->prefixedChoices[$prefix][1]);
$this->attributes[1]->setChoices($this->prefixedChoices[$prefix][0] ?? [], $this->prefixedChoices[$prefix][1] ?? []);
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