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    Drop support for PHPCS < 3.7.1 · 262caa14
    jrfnl authored
    * Updates the minimum PHPCS requirement in `composer.json`, the `README` and the `CONTRIBUTING` docs.
        Includes removing some phrases which referenced use of older PHPCS versions.
    * Updates the GH Actions scripts to no longer test against PHPCS < 3.7.1.
        - Removing a work-around which was in place for a dependency which isn't compatible with PHPCS 2.x.
        - Minor simplification for the `quicktest` script regarding whether or not to run linting.
    * Updates the `LowPHPCS` sniff to reflect the new minimum and recommended PHPCS version.
        This sniff will now not trigger any errors anymore, however, I recommend leaving the sniff in place for now for future "resurrection".
    * No need to include the `PHPCSUtils23` ruleset anymore (which added aliases for PHPCS 2.x classes).
    * Add PHPCSDevCS to the Composer `require-dev` dependencies, now there is no longer a conflict with the minimum supported PHPCS version.
        Includes removing work-arounds for this from the Composer scripts and in the workflows.