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Updating Changelog for FusionDirectory

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FusionDirectory changelog
* FusionDirectory
[Fix] Bugs #1034: remove all dsc form the sources
[Feature] Bugs #2619: fusiondirectory-insert-schema should have a -c option to continue on error
[Fix] Bugs #3289: error: PHP error: Undefined index: o (/usr/share/fusiondirectory/plugins/personal/supann/, line 481)
[Fix] Bugs #3297: Use relative path for geticon
[Fix] Bugs #3303: debugHelp have problems with tabclasses contaning dashes
[Feature] Bugs #3304: fusiondirectory-shell should have login and password mandatory
[Fix] Bugs #3316: possible xss in login screen
[Fix] Bugs #3321: Cannot import csv using a template
[Fix] Bugs #3327: primary server in the dns service should not be numeric
[Feature] Bugs #3335: adding lighttpd support in the doc
[Fix] Bugs #3338: informations are misses in reference tab on user interface
[Fix] Bugs #3347: update the doxygen file
[Fix] Bugs #3348: add the licence to
[Fix] Bugs #3350: correct the fsf address in licenses
[Fix] Bugs #3351: lots of plugins files have no licenses at all
[Fix] Bugs #3352: lots of plugins files have no licenses at all
[Fix] Bugs #3356: trust selection mode is broken in group and ogroups
[Fix] Bugs #3359: add user with templates didn't keep group affectation
[Fix] Bugs #3361: unable to create a template with posixGroup
[Fix] Bugs #3362: Bad aspect for tabs when a dialog is open
[Fix] Bugs #3363: cannont add Etablissement
[Fix] Bugs #3364: we can’t cancel manager selection
[Fix] Bugs #3365: there is an error in userManagement template base regexp
[Fix] Bugs #3372: remove the trust section from the sudo plugin
[Fix] Bugs #3373: Default action displayed an error
* FusionDirectory
[Fix] Bugs #2702: Connection problems to slapd when using TLS
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