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Update Changelog and Upgrade from 1.0.17

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FusionDirectory changelog
* FusionDirectory 1.0.17
[Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #4953: auto.master should be stored into ldap
[Fix] Bugs #5190: Too many ldap request when loading user list
[Fix] Bugs #5191: Too many ldap request when loading list (snapshots)
[Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #5192: Fusiondirectory ldapmanager plugin fatal error when importing a ldif file
[Fix] Bugs #5194: wrong icons / issue with objectType
[Fix] Bugs #5195: Undefined index: dn / del_lock()
FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #5196: webservice: object is modified instead of created
|Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #5197: removing the ldif for default policy from the ppolicy plugin,
[Feature] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #5198: merge the dhcp code from 1.1 into 1.0.17
|Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #5225: due to dhcp modification the network section on system is not inside a section
[Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #5226: audit showing an error everytime we save an dhcp object
[Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #5227: moving from branch inside a dhcp entry
[Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #5228: when trying to copy a dhcp entry is get Missing argument 3 for userinfo::is_copyable(), called in /usr/share/fusiondirectory/include/ on line 226 and defined" - File: /usr/share/fusiondirectory/include/ (Line 31
[Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #5229: when i have a system who is in the dhcp range of my dhcp server, it find and display the right data but don't save it
[Feature] Bugs #5230: we need a fusiondirectory-setup --migrate-dhcp
|Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #5231: we should not be able to remove the global
[Feature] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #5232: we miss a dropdown for failover in the Create new DHCP section
[Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #5233: Remove ppolicydefault.ldif and dhcpd.schema from source
[Fix] Bugs #5234: Plugin's configuration are not inserted if they are already installed
[Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #5236: Missed icon and CSS error
[Fix] Bugs #5237: ogroup icon not clickable
[Feature] FusionDirectory plugins - Wishlist #5193: Add ppolicy tab for DSA accounts
[Feature] FusionDirectory plugins - Wishlist #5239: Champs pour enregistrer la volonté d'afficher la photo de la personne sur le site web
* FusionDirectory 1.0.16
|Fix] Bugs #3587: Edit a template add bad characters
......@@ -1961,8 +1961,6 @@ You must modify your hook so that they don't use quotes. The attributes are now
In this version by default there is a new more modern theme called breezy. To active it completely go to the configuration plugin, click edit and in the "Look and feel" section select breezy
Enjoy :)
Migrate FusionDirectory from 1.0.15 to 1.0.16
......@@ -1978,6 +1976,7 @@
and select your preferred mirror
Upgrade FusionDirectory first
......@@ -2132,6 +2131,193 @@ If they are old objectClasses it will warn you and you will have to remove them
!! Please read it carefully before applying !!
Migrate FusionDirectory from 1.0.16 to 1.0.17
Ubuntu 12.0.4 TLS users
Since FusionDirectory need the php-cas library for CAS server support. This library can normally found in universe in the Ubuntu repositories
In case you did not find it, grab the deb from here and install it
and select your preferred mirror
Upgrade FusionDirectory first
- Upgrade FusionDirectory core package before other ones to avoid dependencies errors:
apt-get install fusiondirectory
- Upgrade FusionDirectory schema package too.
apt-get install fusiondirectory-schema
Upgrade of LDAP directory
- Upgrade schemas
if your are using the fai plugin you have to update its schema
fusiondirectory-insert-schema -m /etc/ldap/schema/fusiondirectory/fai.schema
if your are using the dhcp plugin you have to install a new schema
fusiondirectory-insert-schema -m /etc/ldap/schema/dhcp-fd-conf.schema
Remove old ldif from /etc/ldap/schema/fusiondirectory
We removed a default ldif from the ppolicy plugin, you can delete it
safely from /etc/ldap/schema/fusiondirectory/ppolicydefault.ldif
Check for deprecated attributes and objectClasses in your LDAP
The --list-deprecated option of fusiondirectory-setup show deprecated attributes and objectClasses for FusionDirectory
fusiondirectory-setup --list-deprecated
List deprecated attributes and objectclasses
Deprecated attributes:
gotoLpdServer (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value lpdServer.) -
fdPhoneMacroRDN (FusionDirectory - Phone macro RDN) -
gotoCdromEnable (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value cdromEnable.) -
gotoFontPath (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value fontPath.) -
printerWindowsDriverDir (Path to directory that contains windows drivers for this printer) -
avHttpProxyURL (How to get the updates) -
avMaxDirectoryRecursions (Number of recursions done with directories) -
goFonPassword (Admin password for fon server) -
gotoFilesystem (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value filesystem.) -
gotoPrinterPPD (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, PPD data) -
fdSnapshotAdminDn (FusionDirectory - Snaphost admin dn) -
ghUsbSupport (Hardware definitions, value usbSupport) -
gotoScannerEnable (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value scannerEnable.) -
gotoNtpServer (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value ntpServer.) -
goFaxPassword (Admin password for fax server) -
gotoSysStatus (Keeps current system status - info shown in GOsa) -
gotoUserAdminPrinter (GOto - keeps printers we are admin for) -
ghIdeDev (Hardware definitions, value ideDev) -
gotoSndModule (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value sound Modules.) -
goFaxAdmin (Admin principal for fax server) -
gotoAdaptPath (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value adaptpath.) -
gotoScannerModel (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value scannerModel.) -
gotoXColordepth (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value xColordepth.) -
fdAsteriskDriver (Driver used for asterisk DB) -
fdSipContexts (FusionDirectory - available sip contexts) -
gosaObject (GOsa - DN of an object) -
ghInventoryNumber (Unique number for inclusion in an inventory) -
ghSoundAdapter (Hardware definitions, value soundAdapter) -
ghGfxAdapter (Hardware definitions, value Grafikkarte) -
gotoXDriver (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value xDriver.) -
gotoShare (GOto - specifies a share) -
fdCopyPaste (FusionDirectory - (de)Activate copy/paste) -
gotoAutoFs (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value autofs.) -
gotoScannerBackend (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value scannerBackend.) -
gotoUserPrinter (GOto - keeps printers shown for this user) -
printerWindowsInfFile (Path to windows inf file for this printer) -
avChecksPerDay (Update checks per day) -
gotoScannerClients (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value scannerClients.) -
gotoXKbLayout (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value xKblayout.) -
fdSnapshotAdminPassword (FusionDirectory - Snaphost admin password) -
fdPersonalTitleInDN (FusionDirectory - Personal title in dn) -
gotoXResolution (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value xResolution.) -
fdPasswordHook (FusionDirectory - Password hook (external command)) -
fdVoicemailContexts (FusionDirectory - available voicemail contexts) -
fdIdGenerator (FusionDirectory - An automatic way to generate new user ids) -
goLogPassword (Admin password for log server) -
ghCpuType (Hardware definitions, value cpuType) -
gotoGroupAdminPrinter (GOto - keeps printers we are admin for) -
fdAccountRDN (FusionDirectory - use a placeholder pattern for generating account RDNs) -
gotoFloppyEnable (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value floppyEnable.) -
goFonAreaCode (Store area code) -
avArchiveMaxRecursion (Maximum number of archive nestings) -
gotoRootPasswd (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value rootPasswd.) -
fdPrimaryGroupFilter (FusionDirectory - Primary group filter) -
goFonCountryCode (Store country code) -
avArchiveMaxFileSize (Maximum archive file size) -
gotoProfileServer (GOto - specifies the profile server) -
goLogAdmin (Admin user for log server) -
fdPhoneConferenceRDN (FusionDirectory - Phone conference RDN) -
goFonAdmin (Admin user for fon server) -
goLogDriver (FD logging MDB2 driver name) -
gotoLpdEnable (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value lpdEnable.) -
gotoModules (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value kernel modules.) -
gotoProfileQuota (GOto - save quota for home) -
avFlags (Special flags for the antivirus scan engine) -
avUser (Username to run antivirus with) -
ghMemSize (Hardware definitions, value memSize) -
gotoXMonitor (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value xMonitor.) -
gotoGroupPrinter (GOto - keeps printers shown for this user) -
fdRfc2307bis (FusionDirectory - rfc2307bis) -
gotoProfileFlags (GOto - Flags for Profile handling - C is for caching) -
fdMailMethod (FusionDirectory - Mail method) -
gotoXKbVariant (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value xKbvariant.) -
gotoXMouseport (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value xMouseport.) -
fdSnapshotURI (FusionDirectory - Snaphost URI) -
gotoHardwareChecksum (GOto - quick way to see if something has changed) -
printerWindowsDriverName (Windows name of the printer driver) -
ghScsiDev (Hardware definitions, value scsiDev) -
gotoXMouseType (Hardware definitions, value Type of mouse) -
gotoXVsync (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value xVsync.) -
goSyslogSection (What sections wants the server for its syslog service? i.e. *.*) -
avDatabaseMirror (Where to find updates) -
goLogDB (GOsa logging DB name) -
gosaUser (GOsa - DN of a user) -
gotoXHsync (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value xHsync.) -
avMaxThreads (Number of AV scanning threads) -
gotoXMouseButtons (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value xMouseButtons.) -
avArchiveMaxCompressionRatio (Maximum compression ratio) -
ghNetNic (Hardware definitions, value Network Device) -
gotoXKbModel (GOto - Gonicus Terminal Concept, value xKbmodel.) -
Deprecated objectClasses:
goFaxServer (Fax server description) -
goSyslogServer (Syslog server description) -
goCupsServer (CUPS server description) -
goNtpServer (Time server description) -
gosaLockEntry (GOsa - Class for GOsa locking) -
goVirusServer (Virus server definition) -
gosaUserTemplate (GOsa - Class for GOsa User Templates) -
goNfsServer (NFS server description) -
goFonServer (Fon server description) -
goLogDBServer (Log DB server description) -
The --check-deprecated option will output a list of dn using old attributes and objectClasses of they are present in your ldap server
fusiondirectory-setup --check-deprecated
List LDAP entries using deprecated attributes or objectclasses
There are no entries in the LDAP using obsolete attributes
There are no entries in the LDAP using obsolete classes
The --ldif-deprecated option will output an ldif file on the console that you can use with ldapmodify to clean you ldap server from old attributes.
fusiondirectory-setup --ldif-deprecated > remove_deprecated.ldif
If they are old objectClasses it will warn you and you will have to remove them by hand, they have been specified at the --check-deprecated step.
!! Please read it carefully before applying !!
Migrate your DHCP entries
if you where using the DHCP plugin in 1.0.16, you need to migrate your entries to the dhcp branch, run the **fusiondirectory-setup --migrate-dhcp** for this
fusiondirectory-setup --migrate-dhcp
Checking your indexed attributes
Check that all you index still match with valid attributes present in your ldap directory
Enjoy :)
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