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FusionDirectory changelog
* FusionDirectory
[Feature] Bugs #4136: we should remove the samba.schema from our contrib directory in core source
[Fix] Bugs #4158: Fatal error after role creation
[Fix] Bugs #4168: Underscores in group names not allowed anymore
[Fix] Bugs #4169: Uncaught exception 'NonExistingObjectTypeException' with message 'Non-existing type "group"
[Fix] Bugs #4172: Filter for ogroups should be on groupOfNames
[Fix] Bugs #4173: When mixed group plugin is installed group and ogroup tabs should be merged
[Fix] Bugs #4179: st field seems to be reading correctling but not setting correctly in a template
[Fix] Bugs #4183: option host-name with winstations results in error
[Fix] Bugs #4184: We missed a foreignkey in system trust in unix tab for user
[Fix] Bugs #4185: The configuration is lost after upgrading to
[Fix] Bugs #4190: fusiondirectory-setup should be improved
[Fix] Bugs #4191: Error in the fusiondirectory-setup
[Fix] Bugs #4193: Remove gosaAccount with fusiondirectory-setup --migrate-users
[Fix] Bugs #4194: list of users membership in group when in mixed mode 1.0.9x is not showing the same info as in
[Fix] Bugs #4195: when going to the page groups and roles with mixedgroup plugin installed
[Fix] Bugs #4196: roles should no allow space in their name
[Fix] Bugs #4199: the logon hours page is not correctly constructed
[Fix] Wishlist #4180: on Droplist, put entries in alphetical order
[Fix] Bugs #4206: when a mixed group posixGroup and groupOfNames without the extra fd objectClass and attributes is opened then saved it tell me a group with the same name already exist
[Fix] Bugs #4208: list of group membership in user when in mixed mode 1.0.9x is not showing the same info as in
[Feature] Wishlist #4154: add support for displayName attribute
* FusionDirectory 1.0.9
[Feature] Bugs #955: write https support for PHP JSONRPC
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