Commit 3925fb2a authored by Côme Chilliet's avatar Côme Chilliet
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feat(management) Use search input type for search field in management

issue #5910
parent 06206e03
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
<label for="SEARCH" title="{$SEARCHDESC|escape}"><img src="geticon.php?context=actions&amp;icon=system-search&amp;size=16" alt="Search"/>
<input class="filter_textfield" id="SEARCH" name="SEARCH" type="text" value="{$SEARCH}"/>
<input class="filter_textfield" id="SEARCH" name="SEARCH" type="search" value="{$SEARCH}"/>
<input type="submit" name="apply" value="{t}Apply filter{/t}"/>
  • SonarQube analysis reported 1 issue

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    Note: The following issues were found on lines that were not modified in the commit. Because these issues can't be reported as line comments, they are summarized here:

    1. 🔽 Remove this method "__construct" to simply inherit it. 📘
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