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Updating UPGRADE with a section about old phone object from the asterisk plugin

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......@@ -470,6 +470,38 @@ The template system has been completely rewritten, and the old template will not
The new system is much cleaner because template are stored in they own branch now and are the basis for having template for the whole application in the future.
Backup your phones
You must backup all your phones in a LDIF and remove them.
Modify your LDIF like below:
cn: namePhone
goFonType: friend
goFonDmtfMode: inband
goFonDefaultIP: dynamic
macAddress: 00:0C:7F:31:33:F1
objectClass: top
cn: namePhone
macAddress: 00:0C:7F:31:33:F1
objectClass: fdPhone
objectClass: device
objectClass: ieee802Device
objectClass: ipHost
After the migration you may insert your phone again in your LDAP.
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