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Resolve "add support / security / contact us like in the user manual"

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Contact Us
We are also contactable on:
* Mailing list: `<>`__
* IRC: #fusiondirectory on `<irc://>`__
Follow Us
* On twitter:
* On linkedin:
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.. include:: globals.rst
Digital signature
Our official packages for Debian and Centos/RHEL are signed with the official gpg
key of the project.
Official gpg key
.. code-block:: shell
pub rsa4096/0xD744D55EACDA69FF 2017-07-02 [SC] [expire : 2022-07-01]
uid [ totale ] FusionDirectory Project Signing Key <>
Our official development packages for Debian and Centos/RHEL are signed with the official development gpg
key of the project.
Development gpg key
.. code-block:: shell
pub rsa2048/0xADD3A1B88B29AE4A 2014-02-25 [SC]
uid [ totale] FusionDirectory Packagers <>
.. toctree::
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Security issues
If you find a security issue inside FusionDirectory you can report it to directly to |security|.
you can sign your message with the public key from
**Benoit Mortier** **0xEF2FF1E48638EAD1**
.. |security| replace:: security team
Community support
For any question regarding FusionDirectory support (installation, configuration, usage, etc…), the preferred way to get some support is through the `mailing list`_ or `irc`_.
.. _irc : irc://
.. _mailing list :
FusionDirectory Support Options
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 2
Professional paid support
`FusionDirectory`_ helps you keep FusionDirectory running smoothly
Why choose FusionDirectory ?
* You are the publishers of FusionDirectory.
* We have over 16 years experience in the support of LDAP directories and applications directory management.
* We support and maintains OpenLDAP architectures for various entities from small to very big on a daily basis
* We maintain and develop the `PHP LDAP`_ module
You are sure to get :
* Answers to your questions about FusionDirectory by phone, email or web,
* Packages containing bug fixes between two stable versions
* Assistance for the development of FusionDirectory modules tailored to your needs,
* Assistance on the update of FusionDirectory
* A technician on site if the situation requires.
Support Options :
* Get `support for your FusionDirectory`_ instance
* Get `training for your daily use`_ of FusionDirectory
* Get `support on specialized plugins`_ of FusionDirectory
.. _FusionDirectory :
.. _support for your FusionDirectory :
.. _training for your daily use :
.. _support on specialized plugins :
.. _PHP LDAP :
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