Commit 195ae92b authored by Côme Chilliet's avatar Côme Chilliet

Merge branch '3360-update-class_sieve-inc-to-the-latest-version-0-1-0' into '1.4-dev'

Resolve "update to the latest version 0.1.0"

See merge request fusiondirectory/fd-plugins!610
parents 9a6d45ac 4a6defee
......@@ -490,8 +490,8 @@ class mailMethodCyrus extends mailMethod
/* Try to login into sieve
$cfg = $this->ServerList[$this->parent->gosaMailServer];
$sieve = new sieve($cfg["sieve_server"], $cfg["sieve_port"], $this->getUAttribValue(),
$cfg["password"], $cfg["admin"], $cfg["sieve_option"]);
$sieve = new sieve($cfg["sieve_server"], $cfg["sieve_port"], $cfg["admin"],
$cfg["password"], $this->getUAttribValue(), $cfg["sieve_option"]);
if (!$sieve->sieve_login()) {
@DEBUG(DEBUG_MAIL, __LINE__, __FUNCTION__, __FILE__, $sieve->error_raw, "<b>SIEVE: login failed.</b>");
$this->error = $sieve->error_raw;
......@@ -600,17 +600,7 @@ class mailMethodCyrus extends mailMethod
['cn', 'fdCyrusConnect', 'fdCyrusAdmin', 'fdCyrusPassword', 'fdCyrusSieveServer']);
while ($attrs = $ldap->fetch()) {
/* Check if the given fdCyrusSieveServer is in the new style "{cn:port/option}"
or the old style just "cn".
if (preg_match("/\{/", $attrs['fdCyrusSieveServer'][0])) {
sscanf($attrs['fdCyrusSieveServer'][0], '{%[^{}:]:%d%[^{}]}', $sieve_server, $sieve_port, $sieve_option);
} else {
$sieve_server = $attrs['fdCyrusSieveServer'][0];
$sieve_option = "";
$sieve_port = "";
sscanf($attrs['fdCyrusSieveServer'][0], '{%[^{}:]:%d/%[^{}]}', $sieve_server, $sieve_port, $sieve_option);
$serverList[$attrs['cn'][0]] = [
"server_dn" => $attrs['dn'],
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