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feat(subscriptions) Document subscriptions plugin

issue #147
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.. image:: images/configuration-subscriptionsconfig-main.png
:alt: Screenshot of section Subscriptions of tab Configuration of type FusionDirectory configuration
* Subscription RDN: Branch in which subscriptions will be stored
* Subscription types
* Type: Subscription type
* Label: Label shown for this type
* Apt repositories
* Path: Repository path
* Distribution: Distribution name
* Label: Label shown for this repository
* Rpm repositories
* Path: Repository path
* Label: Label shown for this repository
* Repositories host: Host for the repositories, to use in auth.conf
This plugin is used to manage our software subscriptions inside FusionDirectory.
......@@ -8,3 +8,6 @@ FusionDirectory Plugins Subscriptions
.. include:: /globals.rst
.. image:: images/subscriptionsmanagement.png
:alt: Screenshot of subscriptionsManagement
Clicking the "Subscriptions" entry from the main menu, you will get to the "Subscription management" page.
On this page you can create and manage subscriptions.
A subscription object stores the information about the subscription of a client.
.. image:: images/subscription-subscription-main.png
:alt: Screenshot of section Information of tab Subscription of type Subscription
* Base: Object base
* Name: Name to identify this subscription
* Description: Description of this subscription
* Type: Subscription type
* Contract: Contract identifier from Dolibarr
.. image:: images/subscription-subscription-login.png
:alt: Screenshot of section Login of tab Subscription of type Subscription
* Login: Login for this subscription
* Password: Password
.. image:: images/subscription-subscription-status.png
:alt: Screenshot of section Status of tab Subscription of type Subscription
* Active: Whether this subscription is active
* Start date: Start date of this subscription
* End date: End date of this subscription
.. image:: images/subscription-subscription-repositories.png
:alt: Screenshot of section Repositories of tab Subscription of type Subscription
* Apt repository: Apt repository
* RPM distribution: RPM distribution
The "Export" section allows generating files for FusionDirectory and package managers to send to the client.
.. image:: images/subscription-subscription-export.png
:alt: Screenshot of section Export of tab Subscription of type Subscription
* Subscription file: Generate the subscription file to send to the client
* APT auth.conf: Generate the auth.conf file to send to the client if he uses Debian or a derivate
* APT: Generate the fusiondirectory-subscription.list file to send to the client if he uses an Apt based distribution
* RPM: Generate the fusiondirectory-subscription.repo file to send to the client if he uses an RPM based distribution
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