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.. include:: /globals.rst
Argonaut DNS settings
* Edit the server and go to the service tab by clicking on the button
.. image:: images/argonaut-systems-service-button.png
:alt: Picture of service button in a server
* Add the Argonaut DNS settings service
.. image:: images/argonaut-systems-services.png
:alt: Picture of all the services
.. image:: images/argonaut-service-dns.png
:alt: Argonaut DNS Service configuration
Ldap2zone global settings
* Bind directory: The directory in which the configuration file for bind will be saved
* Bind cache directory: The directory in which the zone files will be saved
* TTL: The time to live saved in the SOA record
* rndc path: Path to the rndc binary.
* Search base: LDAP base in which ldap2zone should search. Only useful if you got several nodes for the same zone.
Ldap2zone master settings
* Ignore reverse zone: Do not write reverse zone
* Notify: notify
* Allow update: allow-update (semicolon separated and ended)
* Allow transfer: allow-transfer (semicolon separated and ended)
* Check names: Cause any host name for the zone to be checked for compliance with RFC 952 and RFC 1123 and take the defined action
Ldap2zone slave settings
* DNS slaves
* zone: DNS zone this server should be declared as slave of
* master: Master IP(s) for this zone
* reverses: Whether this server should be slave of reverses zones as well
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