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feat(supann) Add documentation about SupAnn groups tab

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Supann groups management
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SupAnn Groups
You can activate the SupAnn tab on any user group, POSIX group, or role to turn it into a SupAnn group.
Open the group, go to SupAnn tab anc click on "Add SupAnn settings" button
.. image:: images/supann-add-supann-settings.png
:alt: Picture of "Add SupAnn settings" button in FusionDirectory
Then you can fill the following fields:
.. image:: images/group-supanngroup-main.png
:alt: Screenshot of section Information of tab SupAnn of a group
* End date: Date at which the validity of this group ends
* Readers: Users or groups allowed to read the member list of this group
* Admins: Users or groups allowed to edit this group
* Ref ids: supannRefId - IDs/links for this user on other systems
Note that the «End date», «Readers», and «Admins» fields are specific to SupAnn specification and will not be used by FusionDirectory or openldap to apply rights to users (to do so, see :ref:`fd-acls` instead).
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