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.. include:: /globals.rst
.. image:: images/dns-acl.png
:alt: Edition of a DNS ACL object
* Base: Object base
* ACL name: Name of this acl
* Address match list: The IP address match list for this acl
* DNS RDN: Branch in which DNS objects (zones, views, ACLs) will be stored
* Store final dot in domains: Whether to store a final dot at the end of domains
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.. include:: /globals.rst
Clicking the DNS entry from the main menu, you will get to the DNS management page.
On this page you can create and manage three types of objects:
* Zones
* ACLs
* Views
.. include:: /globals.rst
Systems DNS tab
On systems, you will find a DNS tab that allows you to link a zone to this system.
.. image:: images/dns-system-tab.png
:alt: Main section of DNS system tab
If you add zones to this tab, you will be able to add records related to this system in the zone and FusionDirectory will keep them updated if you rename the system or change its IP. If the system matches the SOA field and has a correctly configured Argonaut client and Argonaut DNS settings service, you will also be able to trigger the zone refresh through ldap2zone from this tab. You can also trigger it from DNS management page, using the "Refresh Zone" action.
.. include:: /globals.rst
.. image:: images/dns-view.png
:alt: Edition of a DNS View object
* Base: Object base
* View name: Name of this view
* Match clients ACL: Name of the DNS ACL to use for the source IP address of the incoming requests
* Match destinations ACL: Name of the DNS ACL to use for the destination IP address of the incoming requests
* Match recursive only: Match only recursive queries in this view
* DNS zones: DNS zones in this view
.. include:: /globals.rst
A DNS zone with all the records it contains.
.. image:: images/dns-zone.png
:alt: Edition of a DNS Zone object
* Base: Object base
* Zone name: Zone name
* Reverse zones: Reverse zones for this zone in the form or
SOA record
* Primary DNS server: Domain name of the name server that was the original or primary source of data for this zone
* Mail address: Domain name which specifies the mailbox of the person responsible for this zone
* Serial number: Version number of the original copy of the zone
* Refresh: Time interval before the zone should be refreshed
* Retry: Time interval that should elapse before a failed refresh should be retried
* Expire: Time value that specifies the upper limit on the time interval that can elapse before the zone is no longer authoritative
* TTL: Minimum TTL field that should be exported with any RR from this zone
The DNS records for this zone
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