Commit d93a823b authored by Côme Chilliet's avatar Côme Chilliet

Merge branch '5754-no-defined-variables-in-hook-snapshotcreatedialog' into '1.4-dev'

Resolve "No defined variables in hook SnapshotCreateDialog"

See merge request fusiondirectory/fd!613
parents df0bb026 d021b4e0
......@@ -111,4 +111,14 @@ class SnapshotCreateDialog extends ManagementDialog
$this->parent->createSnapshot($this->object_dn, $this->description);
return [];
function fillHookAttrs (array &$addAttrs)
foreach (array_keys($this->attributesAccess) as $attr) {
if (!isset($addAttrs[$attr])) {
$addAttrs[$attr] = $this->$attr;
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