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      Merge branch... · 2fe4a572
      Côme Chilliet authored
      Merge branch '5799-when-we-rename-a-department-foreignkeys-on-subobjects-dn-are-not-updated' into '1.3-dev'
      Resolve "When we rename a department foreignKeys on subobjects DN are not updated"
      See merge request fusiondirectory/fd!239
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      feat(core) Add config option to follow wildcard foreign keys · 49d6b681
      Côme Chilliet authored
      When moving a node with subnodes, like a departement, this will use a
       filter like member=* to get references, meaning it will open all groups
       and roles and other objects which may reference DNs to make sure the
       foreign key is applied and the new DN is stored.
      This will be slow if there are a lot of those objects.
      Impacted fields are member, manager, roleOccupant and owner.
      This is needed because they do not allow SUBSTR searches by schema
      issue #5799
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