Commit 746c12ae authored by Côme Bernigaud's avatar Côme Bernigaud Committed by Benoit Mortier
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Fixes #3590 Error message if we have an assignement with no members

parent d4a2e3f2
......@@ -825,7 +825,7 @@ sub check_admin {
my $acl = $assignment->get_value("gosaAclEntry", asref => 1);
foreach my $line (@$acl) {
if ($line =~ m/^.:subtree:\Q$role_dn64\E/) {
my @parts = split(':',$line);
my @parts = split(':',$line,4);
my @members = split(",",$parts[3]);
foreach my $member (@members) {
# Is this an existing user?
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