Commit 461ced3e authored by Côme Bernigaud's avatar Côme Bernigaud Committed by Benoit Mortier
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Fixes: #2721 Non-existing vars were used

parent 59c5cf9e
......@@ -3050,12 +3050,11 @@ function change_password ($dn, $password, $mode = 0, $hash = "")
@DEBUG (DEBUG_SHELL, __LINE__, __FUNCTION__, __FILE__, $command, "Execute");
exec($command, $arr, $returnCode);
$returnOutput = $arr;
if ($returnCode != 0) {
$str = implode("\n", $arr);
@DEBUG(DEBUG_SHELL, __LINE__, __FUNCTION__, __FILE__, $command, "Execution failed code: ".$returnCode);
$message = msgPool::cmdexecfailed($cmd, $command, get_class($plugin));
$message = msgPool::cmdexecfailed('POSTMODIFY', $command, 'password');
if (!empty($str)) {
$message .= "Result: ".$str;
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