Commit 38fdfb4a authored by Benoit Mortier's avatar Benoit Mortier
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Revert "Fixes: #1216 remove the check for the library as...

Revert "Fixes: #1216 remove the check for the library as fusiondirectory-makentpassword use it internaly"

This reverts commit 05a3bbac.

This was not working and this code will be removed in 1.0.5 so reverting for now
parent df0accbb
......@@ -133,10 +133,15 @@ class Step_Checks extends setup_step
$this->basic_checks[] = array("NAME" => $N , "DESC" => $D , "RESULT" => $R , "SOLUTION" => $S , "MUST" => $M );
/* Check generation of LM/NT password hashes */
/* need the perl Mcrypt library and fusiondirectory-mkntpassword executable */
$query= "fusiondirectory-mkntpassword 2>&1";
/* need the perl Mcrypt library or fusiondirectory-mkntpassword executable */
$query= "mkntpwd 2>&1";
$output= shell_exec ($query);
$have_mkntpwd= preg_match("/^Usage: fusiondirectory-mkntpassword /", $output);
if (!$have_mkntpwd){
$query= 'LC_ALL=C LANG=C perl -MCrypt::SmbHash -e "print join(q[:], ntlmgen $ARGV[0]), $/;" >/dev/null';
system ($query, $ret);
$have_mkntpwd |= ($ret == 0);
$N = msgPool::checkingFor(_("samba hash generator"));
$D = _("FusionDirectory requires this command to synchronize POSIX and samba passwords.");
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