Commit af968adb authored by Côme Bernigaud's avatar Côme Bernigaud Committed by Benoit Mortier
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Fixes #3255 Have a clear message in FAI when there are no release

parent 72ccdb08
......@@ -127,6 +127,24 @@ class faiManagement extends simpleManagement
function execute ()
if (empty($this->headpage->bases)) {
return $this->getHeader().
'<div class="notice">'.
'<div class="msgtitle">'.
'<img src="geticon.php?context=status&icon=dialog-warning&size=32" class="center" alt="{t}Warning{/t}"/>'.
_('There are no FAI branches').
_(' Please add at least one repository service to create those.').
return parent::execute();
/*! \brief Returns a list of all releases for useable for drop down boxes.
static function getReleaseList()
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