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Merge branch '46-remove-the-distribution-and-php-support-to-replace-by-certified-distributions' into '1.3'

Resolve "remove the distribution and php support to replace by certified distributions"

Closes #46

See merge request fusiondirectory/dev-manual!74
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Distribution and PHP support
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Distribution and PHP support Policy
Distribution OSes have different interpretations of what a 'supported version' is, here are the OS and PHP versions FusionDirectory support.
Server OSes
* Debian: stable and oldstable
* Ubuntu: the two latest LTS releases
* Enterprise Linux (RHEL, CentOS, ...): the latest major release
PHP versions
The version of PHP depend on the FusionDirectory version.
Fusiondirectory need at least PHP 5.6.
* Fusiondirectory 1.3 need PHP 5.6
* Fusiondirectory 1.4 need PHP 7.0
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