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🚑 fix(main): emove the need for from the manual

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......@@ -17,8 +17,6 @@ Plugins adding a service should go into *{fd-directory}/plugins/admin/systems/se
Your main file should be named **.
Your plugin should have a ** file if you intend it to display on its own (not as a tab of an other object).
......@@ -174,15 +172,3 @@ A tab should now shows in user edition mode, with the attributes we specified:
.. image:: /_static/images/demoplugin.png
Displaying the plugin in the "My account" menu
You may also want the plugin to show in the "My Account" menu, if your plugin is for users and you've set plModifySelf to TRUE.
For this, you need your plugin to have a PHP file.
Just put this in it:
.. code-block:: php
simplePlugin::mainInc('demoPlugin', $ui->dn);
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