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Some really usefull checklists, for development, releases, and so on!
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Prepare next major release
Once a major release has been finished, it's time to think about the next one!
You'll have to remember a few steps in order to get that working well:
* bump version in ``config/define.php``
* create SQL empty script (copying last one) in ``install/mysql/glpi-{version}-empty.sql``
* change empty SQL file calls in ``inc/toolbox.class.php`` (look for the ``$DB->runFile`` call)
* create a PHP migration script copying provided template ``install/update_xx_xy.tpl.php``
* change its main comment to reflect reality
* change method name
* change version in ``displayTitle`` and ``setVersion`` calls
* add the new ``case`` in ``install/update.php`` and ``tools/cliupdate.php``; that will include your new PHP migration script and then call the function defined in it
* change the ``include`` and the function called in the ``--force`` option part of the ``tools/cliupdate.php`` script
That's all, folks!
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Prepare for release
How to release a FusionDirectory stable version
* Put yourself in the branch corresponding to the release you are about to make for example to release a fix version
.. code-block:: bash
$ git checkout x.x-fixes
* Update the locales from transifex in fusiondirectory and fusiondirectory-plugins,
this will get all the new strings from transifex
.. code-block:: bash
$ tx pull -a -f
* Update the changelog
- Go to the roadmap of fusiondirectory and fusiondirectory plugins,
- Copy the list of tickets inside this release and add them to the changelog.
- Add Fix or Feature in front of each ticket to mention the kind of ticket this is
- Class them from increasing order
.. code-block:: bash
[Feature] Bugs #2586: class_plugin should be reviewed
[Feature] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #3615: Adding fdSystemLock to windows workstations
[Feature] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #4024: We should be able to create a system with fusiondirectory-shell
[Feature] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #5315: mail methods code should be reviewed and cleaned
[Feature] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #5340: DHCP postLdapSave should lock the object modified
[Feature] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #5341: DHCP tab should be able to load values from template
[Fix] Bugs #5347: Template types needs their own icon somehow
* Open include/ and update the FD_VERSION variable to the released version
.. code-block:: bash
define ("FD_VERSION", "1.2.1");
* Add the authors of the patch we received to the AUTHORS file
* Markus Amersdorfer <>
Wiki setup, Testing, hints, proposals
* Write the upgrade documentation
* In `FusionDirectory Installation <] section installation>`_
* Update the contrib/docs/UPGRADE
* Put in it a section for the new version corresponding to what you have put into
`FusionDirectory Installation <] section installation>`_
* Regenerate the manpages with the new version
* How to generate man pages from perl programs for FusionDirectory
*The manpages are inside the perl programs so you need to update them at each release* :
This should be done for :
- fusiondirectory-insert-schema
- fusiondirectory-setup
- fusiondirectory.conf.pod
.. code-block:: bash
cd contrib
pod2man -c "FusionDirectory Documentation" -r "FusionDirectory x.x" bin/fusiondirectory-insert-schema man/fusiondirectory-insert-schema.1
pod2man -c "FusionDirectory Documentation" -r "FusionDirectory x.x" man/fusiondirectory.conf.pod man/fusiondirectory.conf.5
pod2man -c "FusionDirectory Documentation" -r "FusionDirectory x.x" bin/fusiondirectory-setup man/fusiondirectory-setup.1
*You need to check them with lexgrog to find any errors* :
lexgrog man/fusiondirectory-insert-schema.1
lexgrog man/fusiondirectory.conf.5
lexgrog man/fusiondirectory-setup.1
*And finally read the manual generated* :
man -l man/fusiondirectory-insert-schema.1
man -l man/fusiondirectory.conf.5
man -l man/fusiondirectory-setup.1
- Merge the branch into master for fusiondirectory and fusiondirectory plugins
- git checkout master
- git merge --no-ff name_of_your_branch : commit message "Releasing FusionDirectory"
- git tag -a fusiondirectory-version
- git push
- git push --tags
- Remove branch that we just merged
- git branch -d name_of_your_branch
- git push origin :name_of_your_branch
- Create the new fixes branch from master
- git branch name_of_your_branch-fixes
- git checkout name_of_your_branch-fixes
- git checkout master
- Push the new branch to the git server
- git push origin name_of_your_branch-fixes
- follow
- upload the tarballs to our repo site
Review process
Here is the process you must follow when you are reviewing a PR.
1. Make sure the destination branch is the correct one:
* `master` for new features,
* `xx/bugfixes` for bug fixes
2. Check if unit tests are not failing,
3. Check if coding standards checks are not failing,
4. Review the code itself. It must follow :doc:`FusionDirectory coding standards <../codingstandards>`,
5. Using the Gitlab review process, approve, request changes or just comment the PR,
* If some new methods are added, or if the request made important changes in the code, you should ask the developer to write some more unit tests
6. A PR can be merged if two developers approved it, or if one developer approved it more than one day ago,
7. A bugfix PR that has been merged into the `xx/bugfixes` branch must be reported on the `xx/dev` branch. If the `xx/dev` already contains many changes, you may have to change some code before doing this. If changes are consequent, maybe should you open a new PR against the `xx/dev` branch for it,
8. Say thanks to the contributor :-)
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