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Distribution and PHP support
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Distribution and PHP support Policy
Distribution OSes have different interpretations of what a 'supported version' is, here are the OS and PHP versions FusionDirectory support.
Server OSes
* Debian: stable and oldstable
* Ubuntu: the two latest LTS releases
* Enterprise Linux (RHEL, CentOS, ...): two latest major releases
PHP versions
Fusiondirectory need at least PHP 5.6.
PHP versions in RHEL and Centos are very old and are no longer supported by PHP itself
We follow `rhscl <>`_
* PHP 5.6 will be supported until April 2018 in RHSCL 2.04
* PHP 7.1 will be supported until Oct 2018 in RHSCL 3.0
We follow `php56 <>`_ and `php70 <>`_
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