Commit 8a72329a authored by bmortier's avatar bmortier

Removing apache2 plugin

Signed-off-by: bmortier's avatarMortier Benoit <>
parent d1a59973
......@@ -36,8 +36,6 @@ apt-get install --force-yes -y apt-transport-https
/usr/bin/apt-get install --force-yes -y fusiondirectory-plugin-addressbook
/usr/bin/apt-get install --force-yes -y fusiondirectory-plugin-alias
/usr/bin/apt-get install --force-yes -y fusiondirectory-plugin-alias-schema
/usr/bin/apt-get install --force-yes -y fusiondirectory-plugin-apache2
/usr/bin/apt-get install --force-yes -y fusiondirectory-plugin-apache2-schema
/usr/bin/apt-get install --force-yes -y fusiondirectory-plugin-applications
/usr/bin/apt-get install --force-yes -y fusiondirectory-plugin-applications-schema
/usr/bin/apt-get install --force-yes -y fusiondirectory-plugin-argonaut
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