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:handbrake: feat(changelog) Removing entries from Changelog that have been...

:handbrake: feat(changelog) Removing entries from Changelog that have been converted to
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FusionDirectory changelog
* FusionDirectory 1.0.13
|Fix] Bugs #4570: error when saving a user with php7
|Fix] Bugs #4571: when clicking on department in the left menu on php7
|Fix] Bugs #4757: padlock next to user dn in edition screen is confusing
|Fix] Bugs #4759: disabled account can still reset password ?
|Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #4763: Translation mishaps in dovecot plugin
|Fix] Bugs #4764: Fusiondirectory exposes bindpw on error
[Feature] Bugs #4774: Add an LDAP logging system
|Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #4776: unwanted debug in jsonrpc.php
|Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #4782: Systems snapshots are broken
[Feature] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #4783: Use of templates through the webservice
[Feature] Bugs #4785: create an interface to manage the option for the script managing the expiration messages
|Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #4787: Mail server should not be mandatory in alias plugin
|Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #4788: 'Incorrect response id (request id: 1, response id: )'
|Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #4789: Webservice setfields method needs documentation
|Fix] Bugs #4794: sambaNTpassword is not updated when password is changed through «My account» menu
|Fix] Bugs #4806: Importing ldif file with comments generates error
|Fix] Bugs #4821: password recovery, email field focus
|Fix] Bugs #4823: Imagick is not detected during the setup
|Fix] Bugs #4824: Error when I will create fd-admin in the setup
|Fix] Bugs #4826: File docs/INSTALL must be updated or deleted
|Fix] Bugs #4828: FusionDirectory does not work with Smarty 3.1.29
|Fix] Bugs #4833: Uncaught exception 'NonExistingObjectTypeException' with message 'Non-existing type ""
[Feature] Bugs #4853: get the value of the connect user in a variable to be passed to scripts hooks
|Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #4855: PHP error about DNSenabled
|Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #4856: Copy past test of server
[Feature] FusionDirectory plugins - Bugs #4857: When mail can be used to login, it should be unique
|Fix] Bugs #4863: top header of the login page keep the green even when the breezy them is activated
|Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Wishlist #4790: make functions names consistent
|Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Wishlist #4791: setfields() : values structure and fields names
|Fix] FusionDirectory plugins - Wishlist #4798: fields() : suggestion on returned array structure
[Feature] FusionDirectory plugins - Wishlist #4799: creating an object with several activated tabs in one go
[Feature] FusionDirectory plugins - Wishlist #4854: adding "lock/unlock entry" function to the webservice
* FusionDirectory 1.0.12
|Fix] Bugs #4645: Could not add groups to user templates
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