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......@@ -39,6 +39,10 @@ This question can be solved by creating:
* A plugin for its management in FusionDirectory with the simple plugin api
* An Argonaut module for the client installed on the server
## Installation and upgrade of FusionDirectory
The installation and upgrade information is available on [fusiondirectory-install]
## Get help
There are a couple ways you can try [to get help][get help].You can also join the `#fusiondirectory` IRC channel at
......@@ -66,6 +70,8 @@ If you like [FusionDirectory][FusionDirectory] and would like to [donate][donate
[get help]:
FusionDirectory 1.0.x README
* Information
FusionDirectory is a LDAP administration frontend managing your network
including users, groups, systems, mail servers, voip etc...
Informations are stored the way the underlying concepts suppose them to be
stored but most of it can be configured that way you want most of the time.
Complete setups applying Kerberos, AFS, LDAP, Mail, Proxy and Fax setups
are not trivial at all. You should be familiar with these components and
with your UNIX installation, of course. This file is not an introduction
to any of these components. See INSTALL for a quick overview about what
to do, to get the things up and running.
* Migration from one version to another
you always can find the upgrade instruction here
* Translations
FusionDirectory is not available in your native language? Just read on...
We are using [[|transifex]] to translate FusionDirectory.
* You just need to create an account [[|transifex]]
* Join the team of the language you want to translate
* If your team doesn't exist you can ask for his creation
If you're ready with that, create a directory for your language using
the ISO shortcuts (i.e. es for spain).
In case of spain this will be
and put the freshly translated fusiondirectory.po in this directory.
To test this, you've deploy the fusiondirectory.po file in your running copy
of FusionDirectory and run the "fusiondirectory-setup --update-locales"
command, to let FusionDirectory merge the translations. Then, Make sure
your apache has locale support or, in case of debian, that the specific
locale will be generated (via dpkg-reconfigure locales).
For fusiondirectory-plugins, every plugin has a locales directory. Translation works
like described for fusiondirectory.
Always run fusiondirectory-setup --update-locales after you've added translations in
order to let FusionDirectory compile and re-sync the translations.
* Security related information
FusionDirectory is running as the www-data user. This makes it possible for other
web applications (well, this is the rule for allmost every web application
that stores information somewhere around) to read the fusiondirectory.conf file, which
may contain vital information about your LDAP service.
To make it harder to extract these passwords, they get encrypted by a
master password only readable by the FusionDirectory location.
You can simply migrate old existing passwords by typing:
a2enmod headers
fusiondirectory-setup --encrypt-passwords
/etc/init.d/apache2 reload
Have fun!
* Further information
To improve this piece of software, please report all kind of errors using the bug tracker
Irc: #fusiondirectory on freenode
The FusionDirectory project <>
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